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with natalie over at the news desk. >> good morning, matt, savannah and willie, good morning, everyone. an historic night as president obama wins a second term in the white house. the commander in chief addressed the cheering crowd in chicago after picking up more than 300 electoral votes. nbc's kristen welker hats very latest from chicago. good morning, kristen. >> natalie, good morning to you. after months of campaigning and spending record amounts of money, president obama declared victory. there is a lot riding on this second term, especially with the stagnant economy. just a few hours ago there was only celebration here in chicago. this is what it looked like. the crowd here erupted into excitement when president obama and the first family walked out on to the stage. he delivered a soaring victory speech in which he pledged to meet with mitt romney and also to work harder to foster a spirit of bipartisanship by reaching across the aisle to work with republicans on deficit reduction, immigration reform and jobs, jobs, of course, were the number one issues for voters. the economy al
's go inside. natalie is standing by with a look at all the headlines. natalie, good morning to you. >> good morning, everyone. the fallout is widening this morning following the resignation of cia director general david petraeus. officials say the fbi investigation into petraeus' extramarital affairs was triggered by a complaint by one of his family friends, jill kelly. kelly told the fbi she had been receiving anonymous harassing e-mails. the fbi traced those e-mails to petraeus biographer paula broadwell we developing their affair. intelligence officials and congressional leaders want to know why they weren't told about the affair sooner as a matter involving a potential security breach. >>> deadly devastation in an indianapolis neighborhood has forced some 200 residents from their home as officials investigate what caused a sudden explosion and fire killing two people. the massive blast came without warning late saturday night, and the area is off limits until police know what cause it had. >>> frustrations are brimming over in new york and new jersey where two weeks after super
of petraeus, her arm draped around him. natalie is currently being sued in the demme county for failing to pay her lawyers the in a divorce case. a lawyer familiar with the case but the amount of the unpaid debt at $100,000. according to the lawyer, sister jill discouraged talk of any settlement. the case has been on the court docket for nearly a year and a half. it stalled in april when natalie filed for bankruptcy. according to the bankruptcy filing, natalie's bankruptcy problems are steep. she owes $3.20 million in unpaid debt plus $53,000 he owes the irs. her twin, jill, has not commented publicly on the contents of the e-mail she received. >> be sure to stay tuned to tv 114 nightly news with brian williams who will have further details on the resignation of cia director david petraeus. new tonight, baltimore city police officer is suspended after a complaint of alleged sexual misconduct with an 18- year-old female. the commissioner tells us there is a criminal an internal investigation. stay tuned to wbal-tv 11 news tonight and keep an eye on wbaltv.com for updates. >> gunfire outside a h
to the aid of the tampa socialite jill kelley's twin sister, natalie. >>reporter: both of these sisters, they are twins, faced pretty steep debt and natalie was also involved in a very sticky custody battle and both of these sisters cultivated relationships with powerful men in washington and generals who were rising stars at central command. natalie was involved in a custody battle with a former bush administration official and general petraeus wrote a letter on of behalf of natalie appealing to a judge in the custody battle "we hosted them and the kelley family for christmas dinner this past year" and in each case we have seen a very love willing relationship between natalie and her son. the judge wrote "she appears to lack any appreciation or respect for honesty and integrity." >>shepard: thank you. with us the journal list and author of 19 boxes on intelligence and current affair affairs, and he broke the secret service prostitution scandal with books "inside the c.i.a." and "secrets of the f.b.i." do you have a sense yet for whether this thing becomes something or continues to be m
>>> this is cnn breaking news. >> i'm natalie allen in for ashleigh beenfielas ashleigh banfield. it is 6 p.m. in gaza where a cease-fire that the world is demanding seems out of reach. this is day six of an onslaught that's killed 100 people. but look at myanmar, decades of repression give way to unimagined reforms and today a historic visit. >>> and new york marks another post-sandy milestone. the longest under river car tunnel in north america reopens. >>> but we begin this very busy hour with the rockets still flying out of hamas-controlled gaza and the israeli missiles, jets, and bombs flying into it. within the past couple of hours, israeli forces hit a media complex in gaza city for the second time in two days. over six days of the conflict, all too reminiscent of the ground war in 2008. at least 97 palestinians and 3 israelis have been killed. neither side knows when, where, or how the other will strike, and that leads to heart-stopping moments like this one live on cnn last hour with our frederik pleitgen. >> reporter: this town is actually a very interesting one because
a little trivia game in a second, but first let's go inside. natalie morales is in there with a check all the head lines. natalie? >> good morning to you, matt. good morning, everyone. another high-ranking u.s. general is coming under investigation this morning amid the widening fallout from former cia director general david petraeus' resignation. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan general john allen is being investigated for some 20,000 to 30,000 pages of potentially inappropriate e-mails with jill kelly. kelley's initial complaint that she had received harassing e-mails from petraeus' alleged lover paula broadwell set off the initial fbi investigate into the petraeus affair. allen was set to be the next nato commander for europe, a nomination now on hold. meantime, monday night the fbi searched paula broadwell's home in north carolina but did not say what items it removed in its search. >>> investigators on the scene of an explosion that killed two people in an indianapolis neighborhood say a faulty furnace may be to blame. the owners of the home at the suspected epicenter of the bla
and do nothing. >> okay. >> people do that. >> yeah. exactly. natalie's standing by at the news desk to get a check of the headlines. >>> good morning, everyone. general david petraeus has volunteered to testify in front of congress on friday about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, this as the scandal widens following his acknowledged extramarital affair and subsequent resignation. meanwhile, the special agent who investigated the e-mails sent to a socialite has been revealed. humphries ii played a key role helping athwa ining thwart a pl terrorist attack. he has seen no evidence that the general's indiscretion led to a national security breach. >>> rocket fire intensified overnight between israel and militants in gaza. this morning, at least three israelis were killed when their apartment building was struck by a gazan rocket marking the jewish state's first casualty since they launched into action on wednesday killing hamas' military commander. more than 100 have been wounded. >>> the president heads to the new york area today to survey the damage left in
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aguilar y la increÍble natali cole. pepe: habiendo crecido en casas donde la mÚsica estaba tan presente, natalie y yo comprendemos como nadie la importancia de un gran Álbum de mÚsica. natalie: por eso para nosotros es un placer y un orgullo compartir con ustedes los nominados al Álbum del aÑo. pepe: y el latin grammy es para: juanes (aplausos y gritos). ♪ (mÚsica) ♪ >>> que viva colombia. arriba colombia, por favor. que alegrÍa tan grande, inmensa primero que todo. gracias a dios permitir encontrar el amor a travÉs dmra mÚsica. a el maestro juan luis guerra. y la gente de la compaÑÍa, compartir tambiÉn la gente de mtv, la oportunidad de todos los fans. y que alegrÍa la academia gracias. juan luis, juan luis guerra ¿estas por ahÍ?. >>> aquÍ estoy tan r >>> tan alto y no te veo. >>> gracias a jesÚs mi seÑor y salvador por la capacidad que nos dio para esto gabriel y paulina y mi hermosa repÚblica dominicana. muchas dprzs. >>> sin duda es una noche espectacular y vamos a seguir bailando y disfrutando en las vegas, este nÚmero estÁ increÍble. es xpespectacular. y t
price range. >> are they pretty left? >> yeah. >> i would imagine. >> natalie is standing by at the news desk. she has a check of the headlines. natalie. >> good morning to you guys, once again. good morning, everyone. federal investigators are on the scene of a deadly collision in midland, texas. on thursday four people were killed when a freight train slammed into their parade float carrying wounded war veterans to a banquet of honor. among the victims was a two-time purple heart recipient. 17 others were injured. early indications show that the train may have not seen the decorated flatbed approaching, even though the crossing gate and lights appeared to be working at the time. intensifying rocket barrages overnight between israel and gaza have the region teetering on the brink of war. israelis and palestinian militants exchanged hundreds of rockets as the jewish state moved tanks and troops towards the gaza strip for a possible ground operation. this mornings the heaviest fighting between the two in four years touched off by israel's air assault on wednesday to strike back on rocket
: this picture taken two years ago at a party at the kelly home, showing jill's twin sister, natalie, general petraeus, jill's husband scott, jill and the general's wife, holly. >> there is no question they were friends. and no reason why they wouldn't be friends. >> reporter: despite all her lavish entertaining, court documents reviewed by abc news show that jill kelly and her husband have been sued at least nine times and face foreclosure on their home. the kelly home also served as the office for a charity she and her husband, a doctor, once set up for cancer victims, which spent tens of thousands of dollars on travel, meals and entertainment. kelly's twin sister natalie has her own legal and financial problems and lost custody of her son in a contentious divorce proceeding in which petraeus, as head of the cia, and general allen, running the war in afghanistan, wrote letters on her behalf. >> can you talk about this, please? >> reporter: all of this has raised lots of questions about the two generals and their decks to the tampa housewife. but at least in the case of general allen, he has
are learning more about jill kelly and her it twin sister natalie. natalie kowam has local ties. general petraeus helped her during a custody fight. there are several reports that she is being sued in montgomery county for not paying legal fees. at for jill kelley, multiple reports are painting a trouble financial picture for her and her husband, including the lawsuit from the bank that owns their house, saying that he have not paid their mortgage in more than three years. and there are questions about a cancer charity they started together and dissolved. it raised 150 grand but records show that all that money were spent on things like entertain. and meals. >> what was that video we were watching there of the two sisters? looks like a reality show. >> sure does, something that you could not write, brian. >> thank you, will. >>> general david petraeus' sex scandal is one of the topics that president obama touched on. he says that there is no evidence that national security was compromised. he also touched on the fiscal cliff and the attack in benghazi. he got emotional when addressing su
. natalie's over in hoboken, new jersey, where people are still stranded by flood waters. we'll check in with her in a couple of minutes. >> then we'll take a turn and check in with "today's" professionals. a lot of people talking about the decision on the new york marathon. >>> and i got my subscription in from "glamour" magazine. i've got the women of the year, including people we really got to know well in london earlier this year. >> all right. >>> before we get the there, let's go across the hudson river, natalie is in hoboken where national guard troops are delivering much-needed food and supplies there. natalie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, matt. and yes, that relief is such good news to all here in this stranded town. this city of 50,000 really has left residents here in a lurch. because about 20,000 or so of them were stuck here and couldn't move around because of the flood waters. as you see, the good news here is that the flood waters have receded a lot. there were about -- there was about 3 or 4 feet of water. it was like roaring rapids down this very st
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's get a check of the other top stories this morning from natalie over at the news desk. hey, natalie. >> good morning, willie and savannah. good morning, everyone. yet more trouble for the military this morning as a four-star u.s. general has been demoted for inappropriate behavior on the job. job william kip ward, former head of the u.s. africa command, has been stripped of a star for allegedly spending tens of thousands of dollars on lavish travel and unauthorized expenses. ward will have to repay the government $82,000. >>> another major recall this morning from toyota as the auto giant pulls some 2.7 million cars worldwide. the recall involves faulty steering and a water pump problem on some prius models but no reported accidents have been linked to these issues. just last month toyota had to recall some 7.4 million cars due to a fire risk in the power windows. >>> let's head to wall street struggling over the last few years. cnbc's courtney reagan over at the stock exchange. >> reporter: an impending tax cut expiration and spending cuts are top of mind for wall street. ceos of a
snyderman, thank you. >>> let's get to the other headlines. natalie morales, good morning. >> good morning. officials are investigating a deadly explosion that came without warning in the middle of the night saturday, completely leveling an indianapolis neighborhood. nbc's ron allen is there with more. ron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. the neighborhood behind me where the explosion happened is still off limits while investigators try to figure out exactly what happened. there was an incredible blast heard miles from here. two people died. 200 people were forced to flee their homes. now for many, all of a sudden there's nothing left. without warning, 11:00 p.m. saturday night, an explosion and fire completely engulfed a middle class indianapolis neighborhood. residents desperate to escape thought a plane crashed or an earthquake had struck or a bomb had gone off. >> just one big bang. then i ran downstairs and the back, the back patio door was blown away, it was gone. >> reporter: in the mayhem and confusion, residents tried to rescue trapped neighbors. >> looked in a c
the day's top stories. natalie morales is over at the news desk. >>> good morning, everyone. it is back to work for president obama today as he addresses congress about the fiscal cliff. these are tax increases and automatic spending cuts slated to slam the economy back into a possible recession in january if the house and senate don't intervene. partisan politics have gotten in the way on the issue as republicans refuse to hike tax rates on wealthy americans. the president is expected to urge congress to come together to extend bush era tax cuts for all but the nation's highest earners. >>> the gunman convicted of wounding congresswoman gabrielle giffords in tucson, arizona has now been sentenced to life in prison without parole. giffords stood by her husband's side as the retired astronaut mark kelly confronted shooter jared loughner and told him he couldn't kill the congresswoman's spirit. loughner had agreed to a plea deal earlier to avoid the death penalty. his january, 2011 rampage killed six people and left 13 others including giffords wounded. >>> chrysler is recalling 745,000 j
inside. natalie is standing by at the news desk with all the headlines. >> good morning again, matt, savannah and al. good morning, everyone. it's decision day as voters nationwide cast their presidential ballot. nbc's peter alexander is in belmont, massachusetts with more. peter, good morning. >> reporter: natalie, good morning to you. just about ten minutes ago we watched mitt romney and his wife ann walk out of this polling site behind us in the community of belmont just outside of boston. when governor romney walked inside, he was asked by one of the reporters who followed him who do you vote for? he said i think you know who. this is the end of a six-year journey for governor romney, a presidential bid that dates back that long. today he's actually going back on the campaign trail. he's going to head to ohio and pennsylvania to try to rally support there, motivate supporters and also thank some of his volunteers. the president, of course, voted earlier. he voted last week. he is spending this day in chicago in what has become an annual tradition, at least on election day for th
as they open up their first store in the bay area. >> are all natalie wood's will have a celebration. her sister will be talking about what really happened to natalie and how she really died. >> she will talk at this will-- >> let's go ahead and check out the weather for the bay area today. we have this view from mount tacam. >> we are waking up to some areas a patchy fog but we are expecting plenty of sunshine for the afternoon. it will be a gorgeous day and will be warmer than yesterday. as we head into the next few hours and by noon time it will be plenty of sunshine. for those of you had enough this evening it will still be clear skies. as for your temperature we're seeing low fifties for the l. lowe's 73 foe east bay shore. it will be 75 degrees for any at. it will be mid-70s for santa rosa and about 71 degrees for vallejo. will have your full forecast coming up next. >> tech fans are waiting for the new microsoft store to open. mike is there and we are finding out that there are about hundred people at the store. >> you could hear the music and the background and these are people wh
appreciate it. >> thank you very much, matt. >>> let's get to the other top stories of the morning. natalie, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, matt. and good morning, everyone. rocket fire intensified overnight between israel and militants in gaza as casualties on both sides mount. martin, good morning. >> reporter: hi, natalie, good morning. well, this is an area on the brink of war, which no one seems to have really won. but israel is determined to stop the rockets from the palestinians in gaza hitting israeli city. they continue their attacks in gaza knocking out installations that store those rockets, the long-range rocket. they're continuing to try to kill more islamic militant leaders. at the same time, the palestinians are succeeding in sending their rockets into israel. about 150 have been fired by palestinians in gaza against israel today. most went astray or about 50 were brought down by israel's homemade antimissile defense system. one hit the israeli town, it killed three israelis. how long will this go on for? the leaders say the head of the southern command, israeli
neighborhood. nbc's ron allen is there with more. ron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, natalie. that neighborhood behind me is sealed off now because investigators don't know what caused the explosion. it was an incredible blast heard miles away from here. two people died. 200 people were forced to flee their homes, and now for many there's nothing left. without warning 11:00 p.m. saturday night, an explosion and fire completely engulfed a middle class indianapolis neighborhood. residents desperate to escape said they thought a plane crashed or an earthquake had struck, or a bomb had gone off. >> just one big bang, and then i ran downstairs, and the back -- our back patio door was blown away. it was gone. >> reporter: in the mayhem and confusion, residents tried to rescue trapped neighbors. >> he looked in a couple of houses and saw a girl and she was bloody in her kitchen and crying. he just went in and grabbed her and she kept saying my mom and my sister are in there >> reporter: at what's believed to be the epicenter of the blast where a home once stood authorities found the
" on this thursday morning. thanksgiving day, happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving, natalie. >> i'm natalie morales. >> and i'm willie geist. thanks for sharing part of your day with us this morning. whether you're waking up to stuff the bird or maybe just bracing yourself for the arrival of some of those relatives. >> expanding waistlines. >> a lot of new balloons, a lot of fun this morning. >> great balloons, a lot of great characters, some of your favorites and new ones, as well. all those kids will be smiling across the country. also performing on national tv. pop stars on floats. you've got to love it. it is always my favorite kind of day. and matt, savannah, and al are hosting nbc's coverage of the parade. we're going to see what's in store in just a few minutes. >> and a beautiful day for it, as well. >>> then as we mentioned, black friday quickly becoming black thursday with the doors opening today. coming up, we'll tell you where to find the best deals if you're going right from the dinner table to the mall. >>> and basketball had the dream team, music had the rat pack. w
with natalie morales, just across the hudson river in hoboken, new jersey. officials there say it's going to take several days to pump flood waters out. natalie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, matt. well, actually just as the flood waters have been starting to recede here, matt. you see right here behind me, we have a new concern there's now a water main break here in the southwest part of town. there's still about a foot of water in some areas. i'm not going to walk out as far as i can because the police are not encouraging us to do so. in fact, keeping a close watch. as i mentioned, this town already so deeply ravaged by this storm. more than 500 million gallons of water flooded these streets, about 20,000 residents were cut off, completely stranded in their homes. the national guard had to come in and evacuate them and take them to shelters. half of those residents as i understand, still in their homes, still stranded, the mayor is still calling for help. this is one of many communities torn apart by sandy's cruel path. >> a grim new reality as the power of sandy's cat
. it was natalie khawam. >> we're here today to help the public understand who natalie khawam really is. >> she was joined by none other than gloria allred a celebrity attorney who always seems to find the spotlight when a high profile scandal hits. she was there for the woman who accused disgraced congressman anthony weiner to talk about their racy relation. she was there with the whom had affair with tiger woods and with arnold schwarzenegger. natalie khawam does have a role in the latest drama but only plays a bit part. general petraeus and general allen under investigation wrote letters supporting natalie khawam in a custody battle. at the press conference she spoke for barely a minute. >> my sister and i just aren't twins we're best friends literally inseparable. >> there were questions. >> how is your sister holding up? >> what do you have with these generals and these young women. >> twhernt answer >> they weren't answered. >> we're not going to have natalie answer any questions today. >> natalie khawam did have this to say about her sister. >> we played varsity tenn
the press." >> let's head to natalie morales over at the news desk for this morning's other top stories. good morning. >> good morning, savannah and matt. good morning, everyone. the president is tackling the looming fiscal club head on this morning. he and the vice president meet with advocacy and civil rights groups today to get their input on negotiating with congress on the irish you. january 1st deadly of expiring bush-era tax cuts and wide-ranging spending cuts has renewed fears of a second plunge into a recession. the record $4.5 billion settlement from oil giant bp is just the beginning. u.s. attorney general eric holder says the investigation into the devastating 2010 gulf oil spill will move forward. bp also pleaded guilty to criminal charges connected to the rig blowout that killed 11 workers. holder says much of the settlement money will go to help restore the gulf. >>> now images this morning showing the wrath of superstorm sandy. take a lack at this surveillance film from the new york port authority showing the water gushing into the p.a.t.h. station in hoboken, new jersey
general petraeus and general allen -- she asked them to send letters for her twin sister natalie in a custody dispute. she and natalie rubbed at least shoulders with other top brass and politicians like marco robeo and former governor charlie crist. >> do you know the kelley family? >> notou well. >> have you dated natalie? >> no. >> jill notoriously stayed in touch with general allen after he left tampa to assume canned d of all our forces in afghanistan. general allen now has to explain nearly 20,000 pages of e-mails with tshe comely mrs. kelley, some describe as explicitly sexual in nature. while the exact nature of her relationship with general allen and petraeus is in dispute, the emerging scandal has frozen general allen's nomination as supreme allied commander in europe. >> how does something like this happen? is it the celebrity status that these generals enjoy that makes them susceptible to inappropriate behavior? >> you and rallo have -- geraldo have been to these areas abroad. when people disengage from home life in the u.s. and go to deployed areas, it's a parallel re
plaza. >>> good morning. i am matt lauer. >> and i am natalie morales in for savannah. >> i thought gangnam style was bad enough, combine it with you can't touch this. >>> we will get to the latest on the violence in the middle east from richard engel in a moment. day six and no sign of it stopping any time soon. >>> and paula broadwell, the woman that had an affair with general david petraeus back at her north carolina home this morning. coming up, new details on her state of mind and the state of her marriage. >>> and is it the end of the twinkie for all of those stockpiling it. maybe not. we explain as hostess goes to court for an important hearing. >> why this uproar over an item with no nutritional value, because it has emotional value. >> it does last forever, got to give them that. >>> we're kicking off this holiday week with a live concert from one of our favorites. low rider in the house. >>> we begin with more deadly violence in the middle east overnight between israel and hamas. nbc chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in gaza this morning. good morning to you. >>
to help. ameera ah natalie edel >>> well, celebrations in the streets of gaza, we know what officials on both sides are saying about the truce. but what effect is it having on the civilians? joining me, the journalist, from tel aviv, what has life been like for you in gaza over the last eight or nine days? >> reporter: it was actually a very hard time for us, as a civilian. walking here in gaza, under this attack -- every day. we left the house early in the morning every day. and we think that we are not going to go back again. our children, our kids inside the house. especially in the last three days when they started targeting different places of the media center here in gaza. even if these places belong to someone from hamas or from islamic jihad, it is more than other places, from other journalists, different agencies and channels. and seeing all of these kinds of people killed in the street, inside their homes. a lot of kids, you know, it makes me feel angry to hear that there is a cease-fire after all that. and i don't know if it is worth it, that we lost all of these kids and p
. now a check of the other top stories of the morning. natalie morales is over at news desk. natalie, good morning. >> good morning to you, savannah and good morning, everyone. defense secretary leon panetta is standing behind general john allen, the top u.s. commander in afghanistan and the latest military official to get caught in the widening scandal following general david petraeus' resignation. allen faces allegations that he may have exchanged, quote, inappropriate correspondence with jill kelley, a florida socialite whose complaint of e-mail harassment from petraeus' alleged lover brought the whole scandal to light. allen had been set to replace petraeus in afghanistan, but his nomination is now on hold amid the widening investigation into the affair. the scandal's likely to come up at president obama's news conference today. nbc news will have live coverage at 1:30 p.m. eastern time. >>> a house committee beginnings hearings today on the nationwide meningitis outbreak and how it might have been prevented. officials say about 440 people have been sickened by contaminated stero
of the morning's top stories. enmorales is over at news desk. natalie, good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah and matt. good morning, everyone. investigators on the scene of an explosion that killed two people in an indianapolis neighborhood. say a faulty furnace may be to blame. the owners at the site of the blast were not there at the time. >>> congress returns to business today after a seven-week hiatus. president obama is starting off the so-called lame duck session with a renewed push to lawmakers and labor officials today to avoid the looming fiscal cliff set to hit at the end of the year if bush-era tax cuts expire and automatic spending cuts kick in. >>> anti-virus software developer john mcafee is wanted by police officials for questioning in the murder of his neighbor. american gregory fall was found dead of a gunshot wound on saturday night, just days after he'd filed a formal complaint against mcafee for, quote, roguish behavior. according to the associated press, other neighbors have been questioned, but mcafee has not been available at his home. >>> intelligence rising
. >> a lot of people got to see the concert. we want to get to the news of the day and we've got miss natalie morales over at the news desk. good morning to you again. >> good morning to you once again. good morning, everyone. only four days until the presidential election new unemployment numbers from the labor department show that the nation's jobless rate rose 0.1 to 7.9% as more people enter the job market. however, employers did step up hiring, adding 171,000 people to their payrolls. that report is sure to provide ammunition for both sides in the presidential race. >>> there are signs of hope as the northeast tries to recover from hurricane sandy. utility officials in new york vow to restore power by tomorrow. to many manhattan and brooklyn customers and more subway and rail lines are reopening today, but there are still long lines at area gas stations where some drivers have been waiting for hours, often to learn there is no fuel left or that it is being rationed, and along the devastated jersey shore, residents are being allowed back into their neighborhoods only to find that in so ma
allen, y nataly la hermana gemela de kelly, la mujer que prendió las alarmas, enviaron cartas personales a un juez en washington dc para interceder y no le quietaran la custoria de su hijo, el general en su carta escrita le dice al juez que "hemos visto una relación muy amorosa" una madre que busca proporcionar a su hijo un buen desarrollo, y el general dice "ella e suna madre dedicada" cuya prioridad es proveer el cuidado y desarrollo a su hijo, 2 de los generales más importanes buscan proporcionar ayuda a kelly, pero va más allá, se investigan correos inapropiados que envió a kelly, y son 30 mil correos electronicos por espacios de 2 años, se vio nuevamente a kelly saliendo en su casa pefectamente arreglada y no hizo esfuerzo para esconderse de las cámaras de televisión, también se vio por las otras cámaras que envió por celos un email amenazante que detapóp los escandalos, aparece en la cocina de su casa al lado de su esposo, las 2 mujeres rivales vestian el mismo color, el departamento del estaod dijo que en la llamada que hizo a la policía se quejó porque los periodist
coming up on "viewpoint." narrator>>> current tv is "feeding the need". natalie zisko>>>el granada is a special place to learn because we have a dedicated community and a dedicated staff. and when kids come on campus everyday, they're enthusiasm for learning shines. we receive federal funding because a majority of our students are socially disadvantaged. making sure our students receive healthy nutritious lunches and breakfasts is critical to their learning. i would like to see students take more ownership of what they eat everyday and learn about their bodies and how their food nourishes them. sandra jonaidi>>> i hope that we get them early enough that they've learn some good eating habits and they go forward and become very productive humans and grow up to make us all proud of them. narrator>> for more info, go to current dot com. brought to you by basf - the chemical company. >> eliot: another disaster for which wall street was not prepared which brings us to the number of the day. unknown. that's the value of stocks and bearer bonds that the wall street banks may have lost whe
of trustees, trustee natalie burke, trustee chris jackson, trustee steve no, trustee rodrigo santos, trustee lawrence wong, student trustee william walker, we'd also like to introduce former trustees rodel rodis, allen wong, and i think peter finnican was also going to join us this evening. introduce our interim chancellor, dr. pamela fisher, our former chancellor, dr. don griffin, former chancellor dr. phillip day, and mr. mendehem, president of the citizen's bond foundation committee. >> (inaudible) mr. walker newman, and miss jacqueline liu and city of san francisco would like to recognize the honorable mayor of san francisco, the honorable david chiu, chairman of the board of supervisors. >> he's also our district 3 supervisor. >> the honorable menea cohen, the honorable ciel ping, commissioner cecilia chung, may woo, eileen lee riley and mr. carezza, san francisco unified school district. >> we'd like to recognize our guest from the consulate, education councilor from the people's republic of china, mr. bernhard able, consulate of germany, the honorable nagesh naharabi, india, the hono
turkeys from me this year. frozen turkeys. natalie is standing by with a check of the headlines, natalie? >> good morning, everyone. the northeast is scrambling to get back on its feet after superstorm sandy. new york city officials are searching for housing for some 40,000 displaced residents whose homes could be uninhabitable for weeks. on sunday runners from the cancelled marathon, as you heard, pitched in across the city helping to distribute supplies to hard hit neighborhoods. >>> election officials say they don't expect major disruptions to tuesday's presidential vote even as power generators are being moved into polling locations in parts of new york and new jersey ravaged by sandy. meantime, the candidates are cramming in some last-minute campaigning in battleground states. and according to the final nbc news/"wall street journal" poll of this election, president obama has 48% of the nation's support to mitt romney's 47%. >>> despite gas shortages in the storm-ravaged northeast, nationwide, prices at the pump are dropping, according to the latest lundberg survey. gases from dropp
, this is from general petraeus. we have on many occasions observed natalie and her son, including when we hosted them and the kelley family for christmas dinner this past year. in each case we have seen a very loving relationship signed general david petraeus. this is an ill trags of how she was trying to get as much as she could from the relationship with these military. >> jill, thank you so much. you called this a soap opera and i'm not sure any soap operas would try something this complicate. >>> for how the white house is reacting to this and whether it could weigh on the fiscal cliff deal, we turn to brianna kieler joining us from washington. brianna, where does the obama administration stand right now with all of this? >> reporter: well, right now we are hearing from the white house who says this won't affect the president's attention to the fiscal cliff situation. that said, we do know that he has had to spend time on this. a limited amount of time in the words of white house press secretary jay carney, but we also know that a lot of staff hours have had to go to dealing with this situat
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